Monday, November 01, 2004

I dressed as Buster for Halloween and no one noticed the difference. That hurt. So I put on my Krusty the Clown mask, but had an allergic reaction to that stinky mask rubber they use and my right eye swelled up, That hurt worse. Then I dressed as a 'nearly nude' . . . And not a single trick or treater unless you count our neighbors who did a pity knock with their baby at 10pm.

Don't forget to vote tomorrow. I have a new polling place at an elementary school instead of a retirement home. I'm not sure which place is better or worse; seeing little wide-eyed children looking at me as I screw up their future or seeing the old guys laughing as we enter the ballot booth, mumbling under their breath "Don't blame me. I voted for Humphries."

Thursday, October 28, 2004

If you happen to read "The Sporting News", the October 25th release has a good op-ed piece from Will Arnett about the state of NHL and his love for the game. The funny thing is I read this while eating a really good grilled cheese sandwich so didn't look who the author of the article was until I was done (with the article, not the sandwich) So I said to myself "I like grilled cheese a lot and whoever wrote this is clever and knows what they are talking about, let's see who wrote it." And there is a picture of Will. Good article, particularly funny about humming frozen tennis ball slapshots at his little brother 'the goalie' and his take on how to fix this hockey season. Though being a little brother myself, the frozen tennis ball slapshots brings back painful memories of playing "stand against that wall and let's see how close I can throw this ball at you" with my brother.

Sunday, September 19, 2004

Arrested rules la mundo! Yes! Monster Emmy wins for the best comedy on TV by far( as I have been saying). Overall the Emmys were a little slow EXCEPT for Mitch Hurwitz winning for comedy writing and Arrested winning best comedy. I haven't been completely sleeping the summer away. Look for my in depth view of an Arrested Development photo shoot, I don't like to call it an expose as much as a think piece on a critically acclaimed show in that moment before the rest of the world is having babies just to name them Buster, ahnong or GOB. Until then congratulations to the entire show for winning Emmys and to the voters for recognizing something good on TV.

Friday, March 19, 2004

So it appears that someone doesn't want me getting close to Portia De Rossi and have a little chat. Actually, my Mac doesn't work with the chat software so if somebody would do me a favor and ask the following questions.

1) Didn't you find 'nearly nude' kind of sexy? (please say yes)

2) If you were going to align yourself with one team in the NCAA basketball tournament, wouldn't it be the Orangemen? Who doesn't like a big fuzzy orange for a mascot?

3) I like Gruyere. What kind of cheese do you like and do they bring it to you on set?

4) If we saw each other on the street and I said "Portia, hey it's Todd Howard. It's me!" Would you say hi?

5) I have one of those big super universal remotes for my 'entertainment center' and it works great but the disk skip button won't work when I use the DVD player. Any hints on that?

6)Are these questions bothering you? (yes or no would suffice. anything more could hurt)

7) Can I have some water?

Thanks for the help everybody. Let me know how Portia responds.
Alright on a Wednesday episode. I liked that. Little change and slides in nicely from Idol. Now a BIG six episodes on FX this weekend . Getting the Arrested to the masses so more people will say "Hey, Sunday night can make me laugh. Why should I watch that other show and see people get whacked and think about the existential futilty of it all if I just going to get whacked? That's not the way to end a pleasant weekend and start a fruitful work week. That is whacked." or people can just watch it and laugh.

I can't stand that Julie Louise Dreyfus is only on one more episode. I thought she was great. and more Henry Winkler please. The 'date' thing is great.

p.s. Don't forget to chat room with Portia De Rossi through the main Fox site. I have so many things to ask her.(like does she know about me or would she like to?)

Monday, March 08, 2004

If you saw last night's episode you know that George Sr. is not holding up well under lockup. Conjugal visits seem to be off limits and he has to get what he can through the prison fence. If the family can't help maybe a rallying cry from the public is needed. Free George Sr. Sign the petition. Our voice won't be ignored!


Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Okay, I feel like a teenager who forgot to turn in his homework for three weeks. No blogs recently BUT I have a good reason(or I like to think so)
First off, the Golden Globe awards. Obviously the 90 voters of the Hollywood Foreign Press are all from England since the BBC's 'The Office' won for best comedy but that must mean Arrested hasn't hit the shores of Europe yet. I mean you'd think France would have given it to Arrested. Buster just screams 'Jerry Lewis of the new millenium'.

Anyway, I missed this week's episode. No, not because I couldn't get enough of the bemusing bon-mots from the red carpet but because of technical difficulties.

I was in South Dakota for work all week and was flying home Monday morning. South Dakota is on Mountain time, or I should say, half the state is on Mountain Time, the other half is central. So half the TV channels at the hotel were Central and half Mountain. Apparently, I spent the entire week not realizing this and sat down to watch Arrested at the correct time . . . in some other time zone. I missed it plain and simple but learned alot about the local high school sports teams during the newscast from someplace well east of TV. Disappointed that I not only missed AD but also that no JV basketball highlights were available due to a snowstorm, I took heart knowing my VCR was coming to life on the West Coast to cover my temporal slip. So I slept, I flew, I came home to my tape.

For starters, let me say that I have never had a problem setting up a VCR. Have I cured a disease or published papers on quantum physics, no; can I program a VCR with the best of them, oh yeah. It's not a big thing but it is something I can do well. So coming home to a half hour of paid programming where the Bluths should be was a bit of a shock. I played with the VCR and everything looked okay and I had that moment of 'Is it me?' Of course not, because the VCR said the time was 4:30 am and everything else in my apartment was blinking. Power failure did me in. I really hate when that happens. SOOOO, in other words. I missed this week's episode . Somebody let me know what happened.

Sunday, January 11, 2004

We didn't have a one-armed man to teach us not to yell or to leave a note for more milk or have a bunch of male strippers teaching us not to smoke pot . . . but my mom did tell us about some friend of hers whose son must have poked his eye out fifty different ways. and I did get a C mines. Sometimes this show is so much like my family it spooks me.
Don't take it all off and show me everything! How about a little mystery, a little tease, a certain 'Do you want to take a look under the hood?'? No, I don't mean the latest Maxim or Stuff or whatever men's mag, I'm talking about TV previews, and in particular shows about Friends that don't know when to go home( like two seasons ago). Between the on-air previews and being on every entertainment segment of the news this week, there was about 3 minutes of the actual sitcom that had not been seen already by the time the 'original' episode aired. Why am I going to watch something if I already know what is going to happen? I guess my point is this. I generally watch anything on TV even for a couple of minutes and usually for longer especially if I only have an idea, a glimpse, a suggestion of what it is about. Last night, watched the end of some movie with Lorenzo Lamas with killer mutant sharks and slipped right into Crocodile 2: Death Roll. I missed Croc 1 but the Death Roll captivated me. gave it ten minutes and no reptile seen, off it went. Once again, as I was saying before sidetracked, my point is this. Since the Simpsons came on TV, I have watched Fox pretty much every Sunday night and almost all the shows for that whole time have been more than worth watching but I almost never know what all the shows stories will be when I sit down and watch them. They all have so much going on and that is a compliment. They tease me. All they tell me is I will laugh out loud. I don't look for a very special moment on Sunday night. I have to work tomorrow, I don't need a special moment. I need to laugh and if you don't give me a blueprint of each show( including when I should laugh) during the weekly teasers, then I will be amused, surprised and I will laugh. So anyway, all I'm saying is I like being surprised and I have no idea what Arrested Development or any Sunday night shows are about tonight. I have only seen little scenes and so I will be anticipating watching the show tonight. Who knows? I may even find mutant sharks or crocodiles. most likely I will see Tobias in his creepy cutoffs but there could be mutant sharks too.

p.s. This is what happens when I have three sugar donuts washed down with an Arnie Palmer for breakfast.

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